More Bomb Detecting Doggos Are In Demand Due To Increase In Music-Related Events In This Area

A police dog sniffing for bombs

More police doggos that can detect bombs are being deployed in music-related events. Police from South Wales said that they have noticed an increase in the demand since 2016.

Police dogs are requested more often in South Wales.
– They are deployed in musical events and other happenings in the area.
– This year, the concert of Beyonce and Jay Z will be…

Accordingly, police dogs and their handlers are deployed in events more often such as musical-related happenings due to the terror attacks in London and Manchester. These police dogs and their handlers usually search the venues before the event and are vigilant during the event. Due to the evolving modes of attack, the police dogs and their handlers are also keeping themselves updated with the newer types of explosives.


Some of the concerts that the team of police dogs and handlers will look out for this year is that of the Beyonce and Jay Z’s, Ed Sheeran’s, and more.

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