You Should Have Gone To This Dog Agility Trial Because You Sure Could Have Left In Awe!

A dog on an agility trail

The Blue Ridge Agility Club at Western North Carolina made everyone feel happy and amazed after watching a number of dogs undergo their agility trials. The event was on Friday and Saturday.

– The Blue Ridge Agility Club at Western North Carolina hosted an agility training last Friday and Saturday.
– Dogs had to compete as to who could finish the trials without any mistake.
– They also had to complete it as fast as they could.

The American Kennel Club agility trials were set up at Western North Carolina Agricultural Center’s McGough Arena. Dog agility is really great to watch especially when there’s an upbeat music that would accompany the event because it’s a competitive sport that allows the dog and the dog owner or dog handler to bond while they try to finish the agility trials.

The agility trials have to be completed without making any mistake. It is also timed so the fastest dog to finish with no mistakes will win. The agility trials involve jumps and climbing and tunnels and poles.


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