These Tough-Looking Bikers Are Softies, Too! They Will Fight Against Animal Cruelty Through…

A dog at an event

Bikers are usually associated to being tough but they are softies too. A group of bikers will be coming together to help combat animal cruelty against dogs and other animals via a gathering with food and music on August 16.

A group of bikers host an annual event for dogs and other animals.
– The proceeds from the event are given to shelters and rescue organizations.
– This is their way of helping neglected dogs, cats, and other animals.

The event will take place at the North Haven Fairgrounds in Connecticut. This is an annual event hosted by Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc. They raise funds to help support the abused and neglected dogs and other animals in shelters and rescue organizations. The money is usually used to pay for the dogs’ and other animals’ vet bills. Last year, there were 800 people who came at the event.

Music will be provided by four bands. There will also be vendors selling motorcycle-related products, pet supplies, and more. The entrance fee is at $20 and the event-goers will already enjoy a buffet meal.


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