What Are Beer Gardens And Why Do You Need To Take Your Doggos With You When You Visit These Areas?

A dog at a garden with its owner

Philadelphia was tagged as not dog-friendly. Because of this label, it is great to know that dog owners can have their doggos tag along whenever they decide to go to this so-called beer gardens.

There are a lot of beer gardens in Philadelphia.
– Dogs are welcome in these beer gardens.
– There are certain schedules when dogs are allowed in these areas.

Beer gardens are areas where doggos can join their humans when the latter is out for a bottle or two. The only rule is that the dog must be on a leash and should be behaved. One of the beer gardens is the Barks on Tap, which is a special version of the Park on Top event of Parks & Rec and Fairmount Park Conservancy. Doggos will be welcome during Thursdays in different parks all over Philadephia from July through August.


East Falls Beer Garden is another beer garden you and your dog could visit every third Thursday of the month. Live music plays and there are dog vendors during those times.

Read more about the nearly two dozens of dog-friendly beer gardens in Philadelphia in the fun article written by Monica Marie Zorrilla at – https://billypenn.com/

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