‘A Very English Scandal’ Had A Very Bizarre Choice Of Music To Set The Mood For The Scene When The Star’s Doggo Died

A dog in the rain

The fans of the BBC drama “A Very English Scandal” said that the story of the last episode was so good but it got ruined by the choice of music that was played in the background. The music was played when one of the show’s star’s doggo died and was grieving over his furry best friend’s death.

Fans of the BBC drama called “A Very English Scandal” aren’t happy.
– The music for one scene during the recent episode did not fit the story.
– The scene was that of one of the stars’ dog died and…

The drama stars Hugh Grant and the episode this week was so gripping that fans are asking for more. However, they took to Twitter to say that they are not happy at all with the choice of music. During the recent episode, one of the characters was out in the rain and was holding his doggo and was crying over the dog’s death. Accordingly, the music was too jolly.

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