What’s A BarkPark? Would You Go With Your Dog Once It Is Complete?

A dog and its human at a coffee shop

A BarkPark is a combination of a dog park and a coffee shop or restaurant where both doggos and humans can hang out. The first ever BarkPark is already being put up in Nashville and the question is, would you and your doggo want to visit?

BarkPark is an idea by a company called Bark.
– The park is a combination of a dog park and a coffee shop.
– Doggos will be allowed to play…

Bark is the company behind the idea of BarkPark. The co-founder of Bark said that he was out with friends and were drinking wine one night. He said the place was a really cool restaurant but he realized he needed a place wherein he can enjoy a night of drinking wine but his dog must be where he is. He then came up with BarkPark where doggos can play off-leash while their owners enjoy a cup of coffee or other items from a menu.

The idea of BarkPark also includes weekly events like live music, beer tastings, and other dog-friendly activities. BarkPark might open by September 8 and will last through November 18. It is possible that BarkPark will move to a different location.


Read the detailed article written by Anthony Ha here – https://techcrunch.com/

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