Bark On Biddle: What You Need To Know About This Second Annual Event

A dog playing with a frisbee

The upcoming Bark On Biddle Event in Wyandotte, Michigan will feature dogs, music, and a whole lot of fun activities. This is the second time that the annual event will take place.

Dogs and dog owners are invited to join Bark On Biddle.
– This is the second time the event will take place in Michigan.
– There will be competitions that dogs can join such as…

Bark On Biddle is a two-day festival and doggos are invited to take part of many competitions. One of the competitions is the Ultimate Air Dog, which will allow doggos how high they could jump while in the pool. More competitions are being planned and details are yet to be released. For the entertainment, a performance from Disc Dogs of Michigan will take place.


Bark On Biddle will be on June 15 and 16. There will be music and an adoption drive, too. To join the festival, one must pay $5. Doggos must also be on a leash.

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