Barbra Streisand’s Dog Bit One Of The Cast Of Hit Musical ‘Mama Mia’

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“Mama Mia” is out on theatres now and the musical has been a hit. However, one particular doggo might not be a fan of the singing chops of one of the movie’s cast.

Pierce Brosnan of “Mama Mia” visited “The Tonight Show.”
– He shared that he went to show Barbra Streisand the movie before it hit theaters.
– The late dog of Streisand, Sammy, seemingly did not like the flick because…

Pierce Brosnan plays the character Sam Carmichael on “Mama Mia” and he shared when he guested for Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” that he visited Barbra Streisand recently to watch a screening of the 2018 flick. After the movie was finished, Streisand said the movie was wonderful but her doggo did not think so. At that point, the dog bit Brosnan’s finger.


Streisand’s doggo, Sammy, was the culprit. Sammy already passed away but Streisand cloned her doggo. Streisand now has two dogs.

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