Singer Barbra Streisand Comments On The Criticisms She Received From Cloning Her Dog

A photo showing two dogs that look alike

Singer Barbra Streisand was the talk of the town earlier this year and many have criticized her for it. This was all because of her decision to clone her dogs.

Barbra Streisand cloned her dog.
– She was criticized for it earlier this year.
– Now, she shared that because of a letter from Pet Fund…

Streisand owned her original dog for 14 years and when it died in 2017, Streisand decided to have her cloned. As the result of the cloning process, she got two puppies from the cells of her original dog. In her latest interview with Time, Streisand said that she got some flack for what she died but she received a letter from Pet Fund. The organization said that what Streisand did is what they do because they are doing researches on cancer in dogs and other animals.


Streisand noted that receiving the letter made her feel better about it. She also pointed out that her new dogs might look like her old dog but they are not the original dog.

Read the detailed interview by Olivia B. Waxman here –

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