Bar That Offers Classical Music Is Open To Dog Owners And Their Doggos

A dog with its owners at a restaurant

A group of people have converted a warehouse into a bar that offers classical music. The bar welcomes all kinds of customers and even furry ones.

– If you are looking for a bar that plays classical music and allows doggos inside, there is a bar in Melbourne.
– The bar is called Tempo Rubato.
– It is unclear if the dogs should be leashed when at the bar.

The bar is in Melbourne and is called Tempo Rubato. The bar is named after an Italian musical term which instructs performers to use their discretion as to speeding up or slowing down the tempo of the music that they play. The bar is inspired by a piano repair workshop called Piano salon Christophori. The workshop hosts classical music concerts in an old garage.

It is unclear if dogs should be leashed or if there are requirements that need to be met by dog owners when they bring their dog along with them while they are at the bar. Classical music is one of the types of music that is great for calming doggos.


The bar hopes to raise funds to enable free piano lessons for refugees and newly-arrived migrant children.

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