New Bar In Florida Is Also A Dog Park And You Must Experience This Place With Your Doggo

A dog owner and her doggo at a dog park

In Florida, a new bar called Boozehounds is also a dog park. While dog owners enjoy the music and hang out with their friends, doggos can roam around the area and socialize.

– A new bar is set to open in Florida.
– The bar is also a dog park.
– The owners said that…

Unlike other restaurants and bars where doggos are usually allowed at the patio, Boozehounds offers a different experience for dog owners and doggos. The owners of Boozehounds said that there were a lot of restaurants where their dog was welcome but the dog was not happy because it was usually placed under the table. The dog owners, on the other hand, took their doggo to dog parks but they were bored. That is why they came up with the idea of having a bar and a dog park at the same time.

The restaurant/dog park will open this summer and the menu will also include dog-friendly treats and drinks. Visitors will be able to enjoy live music, gas fire pit, and more.


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