Band Performs In Order To Help Doggos From A Shelter – Know The Details Below!

Dogs at a shelter visited by a volunteer

A band decided to perform for a fundraising event. The event was set up for some doggos at a shelter. The band is called Screamo and they were one of the many who shared their music to gather the necessary amount for Handsome Dan’s Rescue over the weekend.

– A band played at a fundraising event.
– The event was to help doggos with Handsome Dan’s Rescue.
– The rescue organization was named after a dog who was…

The fundraising event where they played is called Illuminate My Heart (My Darling) Fest and all the proceeds were given to the dog rescue organization. The Handsome Dan’s Rescue was named after Handsome Dan, who is one of the 22 dogs who were rescued from a dogfighting operation back in 2007. The rescue organization aims to rehome the doggos that are surrendered to them.


The other bands that played at the event are Anxious Wave, Just Flesh, Math The Band, and 30 Helens Agree. There were also hip-hop artists like B. Dolan and Jesse The Tree.

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