This Band Used A Girl, A Dog, The Beach To Represent…

A girl and a dog at the beach

An up and coming band called Wander just released their new song. Together with the song was a music video that showed the beach, a little girl, and a doggo.

– A dog was part of a music video of an American band.
– The band released their new music called “March” and the music is about overcoming obstacles.
– The dog became the girl’s…

The band, based in San Francisco, focuses on post-rock as their music genre. Their newest track from their latest album titled “March” sings about overcoming an obstacle. They revealed that the ocean, the little girl, and the doggo from their music video for “March” tells a story of a terminally ill girl who dreams of a peaceful and a beautiful place. The dog is the girl’s best friend and in the video, the “dog becomes a spirit guide that leads her to the afterlife.” The girl, in real life, recently lost her brother so the music video really speaks volumes.

The band is composed of four brothers who have been playing music together most of their lives.


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