This Band Was Asked To Do Something For These Doggos At An Animal Shelter

A dog inside a kennel

Animal shelters tend to get boring and lonely for doggos and other animals taken there. That is why this band did something really special for their furry audiences.

Dogs at animal shelters tend to be anxious and lonely.
– The Tallahassee Animal Shelter decided to bring in live musicians to play music for the dogs and other animals.
– The first band that played is…

Tallahassee Animal Shelter wanted to help dogs and other animals under their care to feel less stressed and be less anxious. They then launched a program that uses music as a therapy for the doggos and other animals. They thought that bringing in musicians who will play live music is the best way to entertain the dogs and other animals.


The first band that played at the shelter is called Scumbag Neighbors. The animal shelter started with having one musician coming in once a week and they hope to increase the frequency of bands playing for the dogs and other animals at the shelter.

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