Author Writes A Book About A Boy And A Dog Who Helped Each Other And How Music Was…

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Author Eoin Colfer just wrote a book titled “The Dog Who Lost His Bark.” The book centers on a boy and a dog. They help each other to heal through music.

– A new book was made by author Eoin Colfer.
– It is called “The Dog Who Lost His Bark.”
– The story centers on how the dog and a boy helped each other to heal through…

Colfer said that he was at his P.J. Lynch’s house when they were discussing about working on a book together. They had a lot of ideas but the best idea came up when the son of Lynch played the piano. The doggos that are fostered in their home evidently loved the music being played. Lynch is also the illustrator of the book and he said that the inspiration regarding how the doggo character in the book would look like came when a new foster pup stayed with them.

As for the music element in the story, the author said that he has always been affected by music so he looked up music therapy. He noted that it was a lovely way to incorporate music into the story and get the importance of such across to kids.


Colfer revealed that many have written to them about how great the book is. Adults usually read it to their kids at nighttime and they enjoy reading the book as a family.

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