Austin, Texas Celebrates Puppy Mill Awareness Day – See The Details Below!

Dachshunds playing outdoors

A group from Austin, Texas gathered on Sunday for the Puppy Mill Awareness Day. The main goal of the event was to encourage the public to adopt and not to shop if they want to have a dog in their lives.

– Austin, Texas recently held the Puppy Mill Awareness Day.
– It was done to raise awareness for dogs that live in horrible conditions in puppy mills.
– The public is encouraged to…

The director and the founder of the Puppy Mill Awareness day said that people do not realize that the dogs they see online or in pet stores came from parents who have died or continues to live in horrible conditions and are placed in puppy mills. To make the event more fun, there were Weiner dog races, rescue booths, live music, food trucks, vendors, and many more.

The director and founder added that the doggos that come from rescue shelters and organizations actually help not just that dog but also the newly abandoned or neglected dog since a new spot is opened for that rescue doggo.


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