Athletes From Washington Capitals Make Christmas Card With Their Doggo

A dog near a Christmas tree

The athletes from the Washington Capitals released their Christmas card for this year. They decided to lip-sync the song of Mariah Carey called “All I Want For Christmas” in a festive music video with their doggo.

– Washington Capitals, a hockey team, decided to make a Christmas card.
– The Christmas card was in the form of a music video.
– The hockey players lip-synced Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” while their service dog-in-training…

The athletes wore ugly sweaters and played kid’s classroom instruments. The hockey players played the instruments in front of their service dog-in-training named Captain. The doggo was wearing a pair of reindeer antlers and seemed to enjoy the making of the video. In the video, it was even edited to make it look like the dog was singing along.

The video was tweeted on Monday and it has since been viewed more than 168,000 times and garnered a lot of likes.


See the video here –

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