Aspiring Musician Goes To Nashville To Fulfill Her Dreams But A Dog Changed Her Plans

A cute big brown dog

A woman named Natalie Corwin went to Nashville to be a musician but her plans changed after a dog became a huge part of her life. According to her, she saw an adoption sign regarding the doggo named Sophie and it said, “Ask about me, I have an interesting story.”

A dog changed the life of a woman who wanted to be a musician.
– She found the dog at the Nashville Humane Society.
– Since then, she became an animal advocate and…

Curiosity indeed got the best of Corwin because she found out that a huge part of the dog’s fur was missing and she was missing her pinkie toe on her right hind leg. The dog was from Nashville Humane Association and spending a few minutes with the dog was all Corwin needed to make up her mind as to adopting the doggo. Because of this, Corwin has become a full-time animal advocate and she oversees Pet Community Center, which provides free or discounted spay and neuter surgeries.


Due to Pet Community Center becoming operational, it helped dramatically decrease the number of animals killed at shelters around Nashville.

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