Bless Her Heart: Ariana Grande Gets A Foot Tattoo To Honor Mac Miller And His Dog

A Pomeranian

Mac Miller recently passed away and he left behind his dog, Myron. Miller has been with Grande for quite a time until they chose to go their separate ways. However, despite not being boyfriend-girlfriend anymore when Miller died, she chose to be the new fur mom of Miller’s dog.

– Ariana Grande adopted Mac Miller’s dog.
– Mac Miller died recently.
– Grande posted a video of her new foot tattoo and…

Grande has been posting photos and videos of Myron and news recently broke saying that she already adopted the dog. Grande already has a lot of dogs before adopting Myron. To make it even sweeter, Grande got a new foot tattoo to honor Miller and his doggo. She tattooed the name of Myron on her foot and it was spotted by many fans when her video for “Thank U, Next” was released.

The musician also posted a snap of the tattoo and in the video she was heard saying that she loves her tattoos. She added, “I just went down to do the bend-and-snap and was like, ‘Oh! What a foot!'”


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