Ariana Grande Shares Photos, Videos Of Late Mac Miller’s Doggo

A pitbull mix

Musician Mac Miller recently died and he left his doggo Myron wondering whether or not his human will still come home. Earlier this week, Ariana Grande, one of the best friends and ex-girlfriends of Miller, shared on her social media account photos of the doggo.

– The dog of the late Mac Miller was seen in the photos and videos posted by Ariana Grande recently.
– The dog was adopted by Miller in 2017.
– It is unclear if Grande will adopt the dog.

Miller died last September 7 at 26 years old allegedly because of overdose. In one of the videos of Grande and the doggo, it could be seen that the dog was kissing the “Dangerous Woman” singer. In another video, the doggo was also playing with one of Grande’s nine rescue dogs, Toulouse.

Miller adopted the dog, a pitbull mix, in 2017 when he and Grande were still together. Miller and Grande have been together for two years until they broke up this May. It is unclear if Grande will take Myron in as an addition to her growing dog babies.


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