Another Lawsuit Filed Against Singer Chris Brown Over Alleged Dog Attack

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Another lawsuit was allegedly filed by the maid who claims she was attacked by one of the dogs of singer Chris Brown. The lawsuit is a second case as the first one was filed by the sister of the alleged victim.

– A second lawsuit was reportedly filed against singer Chris Brown.
– This is due to the incident where one of Brown’s dogs allegedly attacked a maid.
– In the lawsuit, the victim claimed that…

In the latest lawsuit, the victim claimed that Brown, who was at the home during the same time that the attack happened, did not do anything to help the victim. The victim continued to say in the lawsuit that she was already screaming in terror and in pain and there was blood all over, but Brown only asked his team to take the dogs and flee from the area in an effort to cover up what happened. Further, the victim alleges that she was forced to undergo a major surgery because of the supposed dog attack.

When first responders arrived, the victim claimed that Brown told authorities he had no idea about what happened or where his dogs were. The incident took place in December of last year in the singer’s Los Angeles home. The dog involved, a Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka, was later euthanized as it was deemed to be dangerous by authorities.


It is unclear what are the reliefs prayed for by the victim. Brown is yet to respond to the reports about the second lawsuit.

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