This Annual Music Festival Made Dogs, Dog Owners, Dog Lovers Happy

A dog at a music festival

The annual Milford Music Festival was a fun day for dogs, dog owners, dog lovers, and the citizens of Milford. There were lots of performances and live music to entertain everyone.

The Milford Music Festival this year was a success.
– Dogs were welcome at different musical performances all over the city.
– One dog owner said that…

The music festival ran for four days and took place at Milford in Pennsylvania. There were a lot of performers all over the city during the annual music festival. One singer is a senior from Delaware Valley High School while another performer was called Merchants of Groove. Songs were also performed by Delaware Valley Choral Society.

A spectator went out to watch the rock and blues mix of a band led by a volunteer firefighter. The spectator went to watch with his son and their family dog. He said that he loves the festival although this year was not that loud because of the rainy weather.


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