Annual Labor Day Event Includes Dogs, Live Music This Year

A toy poodle at an agility contest

This year’s Casey Popcorn Festival, the annual Labor Day weekend event in Illinois, included a number of doggos and live music to entertain the event-goers. It was especially wonderful because the dogs were not just there to watch because they were actually part of the entertainment.

The annual Casey Popcorn Festival took place over the weekend.
– Dogs jumping into hoops were featured at the event.
– There was also live music, which was provided by…

According to reports, during the event, which took place at Fairview Park, included a show wherein dogs jumped through hoops. Local dog trainer Michelle Harrell brought her four toy poodles to show off their amazing skills. The group is called “Michelle’s Magical Poodles.” This year is the 19th year of Harrell doing dog shows and showing off her dogs’ tricks. Harrell noted that toy poodles are great for dog acts because they are easy to train and they have great balance.


As for the music, it was provided by a local band. They performed a number of songs from the 70s and a tribute to the late Karen Carpenter.

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