Annual Event On Its Fifth Year – Doggos And Their Humans Had A Great Time

A dog at a dog walking event

The annual event called Dogs Downtown in Rochester’s Peace Plaza took place earlier this month and there were a lot of activities that made doggos and humans happy. The event was organized by Rochester Downtown Alliance.

– This year’s Dogs Downtown took place earlier this month.
– The event was organized by Rochester Downtown Alliance.
– This is the fifth year that such annual event took place.

Accordingly, during this year’s Dogs Downtown, there were lots of vendors and stalls that offered pampering services to doggos. There were also pools at the event and doggos were able to take a cool dip in the small pools set up at the event. There was also music to keep everyone entertained.

Aside from those mentioned, there was also a photo booth where dog owners had their photos taken with their doggos and other people who went to the event with them.


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