Second Annual FidoFest Will Feature Doggos Walking On The Red Carpet Hollywood Style

A dog walking on the red carpet

In Arlington, Massachusetts, the second annual FidoFest will be taking place. The event will be on Saturday and the details about the dog-centered event could be read below.

Dogs and dog owners are invited at the second FidoFest.
– It will take place in Arlington on August 18.
– Dogs will be marching down the…

The event was organized by Arlington Dog Owners Group and Arlington Community Media and it will take place on Saturday, August 18. During the event, dogs will enjoy games and the highlight of the FidoFest this year is that dogs will get to walk on a red carpet. The march will begin at 7 P.M. There will also be a doggo pageant around 30 minutes after the red carpet dog. If you can’t make it to the main events, there will be a viewing of different dog videos later that evening. You may also send videos or photos of your dog to be included during the viewing.

There will be music and the assurance that you and your dog will have a night of fun.


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