Over The Weekend, Dogs And Dog Owners Raised $2800 During An Annual Event

Fundraising event

An annual event called Mutt Strutt was able to raise $2800 by providing music, food, and fun games to doggos and dog owners. The proceeds from the event will be given to Whitman County Humane Society in Pullman, Washington.

– Mutt Strutt took place over the weekend on its 10th year.
– Dogs and dog owners enjoyed lots of games.
– The proceeds from the event were given to…

The Mutt Strutt is also a great event because many dog owners went there and tried to raise funds for the humane society and the park. Other event-goers revealed that they appreciate other events that try to raise funds for doggos but Mutt Strutt is different because the dogs and their owners could bond over the games and activities set up for them.

Some dogs who went at the event were even dressed in cute costumes so that was a plus for those who attended. The doggos who joined the contests were judged based on their talent, appearance, and wit.


Several vendors were also at the event. Some of them gave free doggie treats to the dogs who attended.

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