This Annual Dog Walk Raised Funds In Order To Provide Service Doggos To…

A dog at a dog walking event

The annual dog walk by Wisconsin Academy For Graduate Service Dogs (WAGS) raised a total of $12,000 this year. The dog walk is an event that hopes to raise funds for people with disabilities who need service dogs but cannot afford them.

The annual dog walk at the Wisconsin Academy For Graduate Service Dogs took place last Saturday.
– The charitable event raised a total of $12,000.
– The money will be used to help people with disabilities who cannot afford service dogs.

The dog walk took place last Saturday at Badger Prairie Park and it was attended by service animals and their humans. Aside from the dog walk, there was also a raffle, great music, and food. All of which were enjoyed by the doggos and their owners as well as dog lovers who attended the dog walk.

The service dog in training of WAGS named Austin was also present at the dog walk. A dog from WAGS can help people who need physical assistance, more independence, and a loving companion.


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