Annual Dog Swim Event Will Be This Wednesday And If You And Your Doggo Join, You Will Help…

A dog in a pool

If you want your doggo to go swimming while you just listen to music and watch your doggo enjoying, you should join the Annual Dog Swim at Fassnight Pool in Springfield, Missouri. The proceeds from the event will be given to the Crust Dog Park.

– Dogs will be able to swim this Wednesday, September 3, at the Annual Dog Swim.
– The event will be at Fassnight Pool.
– The proceeds from the fun event will be given to…

Per the details of the event, only one dog is allowed per human. Humans are also not allowed in the pool. Dog owners must bring proof that their doggos have up-to-date vaccination. Dog owners are also encouraged to bring the toys of their doggos. Tickets are sold for $8 for a pair of a doggo and a human. The doggos that are allowed in the pool are only four months and up. The event will start at 4 P.M.

The beneficiary, Crust Dog Park, is the first ever off-leash dog park in Springfield.


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