Annie: The Musical – How Do They Keep Their Star Doggo’s Head In The Game?

A Golden Retriever in the fields

Having a doggo star in “Annie: The Musical” may sometimes be a problem because the dog might mess up while on stage. However, they have a tactic that’s keeping the dog’s head in the game.

– A dog is one of the stars in “Annie: The Musical.”
– The dog is now getting used to being around lots of people and music.
– The cast also uses pepperoni in order to…

The dog is a seven-month-old golden retriever owned by Daniel and Kaylah Locklear. The dog plays the role of Sandy in the musical. Daniel revealed that the dog did well during rehearsals but once the music was up, they are struggling with the doggo. Now, the owners are getting the dog used to being around a lot of people and sounds.

The cast also uses pepperoni to attract the dog on stage. The dog likes pepperoni so much and the cast is using that to their advantage.


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