American Singer Will Headline The 10-Year Anniversary Celebration of PEDIGREE Foundation

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PEDIGREE Foundation, which is dedicated to helping animal shelters and rescue organizations to have doggos find their forever homes, will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. A “Pawty” will be held and singer LeAnn Rimes will be headlining the event.

Dog rescue organizations and shelters will get funding from PEDIGREE Foundation.
– This is possible because the foundation is hosting an event for their 10-year anniversary.
– The music will be provided by…

The Pawty will be on October 11 and will be held at Marathon Music Works in Tennessee. The event will be hosted by Storme Warren, an Aemerican television and radio broadcaster. Both Rimes and Warren are dog lovers. The event hopes to raise funds in order for PEDIGREE Foundation to grant more programs and support more dog-related organizations.


Rimes said in a statement that she is proud to be part of the event and further noted that she really looks forward to help raising funds for doggos in need all over the country. PEDIGREE Foundation was established in 2008.

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