American Singer Brett Eldredge Is A Fitspiration And It’s All Because Of His Doggo

A dog working out with his human in the snow

American singer Brett Eldredge remains fit despite his hectic schedule while on tour. All thanks to his dog that accompanies him whenever he works out.

It is difficult to stay fit when you are always on the road.
– But for Brett Eldredge, he has no choice but to work out because of his dog.
– His dog has a lot of energy and…

In a recent interview, Eldredge credited his two-year-old dog named Edgar for helping him stay fit. Eldredge got Edgar while he was on tour with singer Keith Urban. Eldredge revealed that his dog is a real machine when it comes to working out. Also, when they sprint, Eldredge could not beat his dog.

Because of his dog’s energy and attitude towards working out, Eldredge would look for places to run or hike in the areas where he stops during his tour. Working out at a hotel gym is no longer feasible both for him and his dog.


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