Amazon’s Delivery Drones Might Use Music, Lights, Projectors To Make A Safe Delivery Without Injuring Your Dog

Two dogs inside a package

Amazon is hoping to make deliveries using drones. They are planning to use music, lights and projectors in order to make a safe delivery without injuring anyone especially when deliveries are made to households with doggos.

Amazon is hoping to deliver packages thru drones.
– Lights and music will be activated to let owners know that their package has arrived.
– The drones might also be equipped with…

Lights and speakers will reportedly be activated and music will play as the drone approaches the property of the purchaser. The sound will not be irritating as it will be pleasant in order to not alarm the customer or the dog in the property.

Drones might also be equipped with projectors to signal the customer that he should clear the landing area. Dogs, plans, furniture, and other things that could block the way should be removed to avoid accidents and injuries.


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