Another Technological Advancement For Dogs: Alexa Smart Speaker Skill Will Now Play Music For Your Doggo

Dog listens to music

Dogs love music and because of the growing number of dog owners, a new skill has been added to the many skills of the Alexa smart speaker.

– A new skill was added to the Alexa smart speaker.
– It is called Puppy Jams!
– Dog owners will have to say what their doggo is feeling and from there, Alexa will select the appropriate songs like…

According to the latest technological advancement made for doggos, the new Alexa smart speaker skill is that it will play music for your doggo. It is called Puppy Jams! and it will play music for your dog even if you are not around to control the speaker. For those who have the digital assistant, they can just say “Alexa, open Puppy Jams!” Once it is open, the dog owners have to tell Alexa if their doggo is happy, lonely, or even stressed out. Based on this, Alexa will play specific songs in order to match the emotions of the doggo.

Some of the songs are dog-themed while others are just classical music or reggae.


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