Want To Adopt A Doggo? Listen To Live Music, Bring Your Kids, And Enjoy A Lot Of Activities At The Bark In The Park Event

Adoption of dogs

Pet parade, dog adoption, lots of kids’ activities, and live music – these will all be experienced by the event goers at the fifth annual Bark in the Park event. The city of Tuscaloosa will hold the annual event at the Will May Dog Park, which was named after a boy who loved dogs so much.

Dogs and dog owners are expected to attend the Bark In The Park 2018 event.
– The event will be at Tuscaloosa’s Will May Dog Park.
– The donations that they will get from the event will be used to…

The dog-related event will use the funds that will be raised from it for the maintenance and improvements of the park. There will be more picnic tables and new dog training features. Admission is free but donations are gladly accepted.


The event will run from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. at the aforementioned park today.

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