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A dog waiting for a potential adopter

If you are looking to help get a dog adopted, an event just for that purpose will be taking place. Adopt-a-Dog, a nonprofit organization that has a shelter in Armonk, New York will be partnering with Clay Art Center in order to help these doggos.

– Adopt-a-Dog is a nonprofit organization.
– There will be an exhibit showcasing items for dogs, cats, and other pets.
– For this event, the organization partnered up with…

A percentage of the sales from the pottery exhibit inspired by doggos will be given to the nonprofit organization. The exhibit is called “Pots for Pets” and it will feature dog and cat bowls, bird fountains, and more items or doggos, cats, and other pets.


Adopt-a-Dog’s mission is to save doggos then send them off to new families. They have non-kill shelters and they are in need of donations so as to properly take care of these abandoned, unwanted, and neglected dogs and other animals.

The exhibit will run from April 6 to June 1. There will be music and entertainment at the exhibit that dog and animal lovers will enjoy.

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