‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ Actress Tilda Swinton Just Released A Music Video About Doggos And You Will Love It!

A Springer Spaniel

“The Chronicles of Narnia” actress Tilda Swinton released a new music video. It’s not just any music video but it’s about doggos and those who will watch it will surely love it.

– A music video centered on doggos was directed by an actress.
– The music video was done by actress Tilda Swinton.
– The video features all her dogs, which are Springer Spaniels.

Accordingly, the music video was released ahead of her new thriller called “Suspiria.” Swinton’s operatic music video featured all her doggos, which as Springer Spaniels. The music was composed by George Frideric Handel. Throughout the music video, it shows most of the doggos running in slow motion so dog lovers will surely love how adorable the dogs are while in motion.


The music video will also be available for viewing at New York City’s Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine on November 26 and 27.

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