Actress, Singer Sheridan Smith Made A Musical For Her Doggos

A group of dogs

Sheridan Smith, who is an actress and a singer, made a musical for her six doggos. The musical was presented during BBC 1’s “Big New Year’s In.”

– Sheridan Smith, an actress and a singer, made a musical for her doggos.
– She has six dogs in total.
– The musical was shown during…

Smith sang about how her six dogs helped her during the lockdown brought about by the pandemic. And as many people remain in their homes as they celebrate the New Year, Sheridan wanted to keep everyone entertained. The song centered on her two Great Danes, two Boston Terriers, and two Chihuahuas. Aside from her doggos, there were also lines about the trends that emerged last 2020.

More on Smith, she also welcomed a baby this year. Back in May, she gave birth to a son. She used this as a platform to create a documentary called “Becoming Mum.” Smith said she wanted to remove the assumptions about a mother’s mental health after having a baby.


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