Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Plays The Piano For Her Doggo And It Is Adorable!

A Maltipoo

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones took to her Instagram to post a video of her playing the piano. She captioned the video with the words, “My biggest fan my dog when I play the piano.”

– Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has a doggo named Tyler.
– The doggo was adopted just a few days after her father-in-law died.
– The doggo is reportedly the biggest fan of the actress while she plays the piano.

The doggo is named Taylor and continued to bark as the actress played the piano. The actress adopted the doggo in February. This was days after, Kirk Douglas, her father-in-law passed away. When she introduced the maltiepoo, she said the dog’s name is Taylor Douglas so it was definitely a move to honor her later father-in-law. The actress had another doggo named Fiagaro, a Colton de Tulear, but it passed away a month before Taylor was added to their family.

More on Zeta-Jones, she has been posting videos of her playing the piano since the start of the quarantine.


See the video from the amazing story by Brian Gallagher here –

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