Acapella WooF




Czar’s Need For Feed

Czar’s the guy with them bright blue eyes
And the drive of the food loving kind.
He won’t take NO for an answer
That’s how he goes and uses his nose

To sniff any sweets he thinks might be his next treat
So Keep your meats away~ from this WOOF thief
Or they will be-come your fee
So you can get by, Czar’s pearly white teeth.

That’s right his look means business
And his mouth is the quickness, eating grub is his fitness.


If you witness him packing with his WooFPAK mates
You will see he is first to the dinner plate
And never late,
That’s the Czars state!
And how he navigates!!

Princess Has The Stuff (Acapella)

There’s a girl, that is a bit wild
She whirls back and forth like she’s in a storm
But she ain’t a child,
That’s just the pretty Princess’s norm.

You see she just needs some, activity
To challenge her high, energy
Allowance and form, in order to achieve
Balance and let her exercise her talents.


From chasing the flag
To a game of tag
She will sometimes nag
Her WooFPAK mates.

She’s ready to take it up
And show all the pups
How she ruffs
Yeah she got the stuff!

She’s wired, with lots of fire
That burns bright and is hard to tire
Like the energy rabbit
You will admire her endless desire!!

Jag, Jag, Jag

Jag gets the WooFPAK started
Bouncing around, so playful hearted!!
His personality a little guarded
But he’s just shy, so disregard it!

Wrestling rumbling are his spark
That gets. Him. to embark
To slam his stuff or jam it up
His normal state with his pack mates!

So if you see him planted
He’s probably waiting and debating
Don’t take for granted
He ain’t lazy, he ain’t crazy!

His energy and rambunctious ways
He sets the pace, he regulates
What shall be his next antic
That fills their days with fun and play!


The Z-Man’s Phase

Up ,up and away the Z-Man’s always ready to play
Always ready to play, always ready to play

And he’s on hand, to lay down some running plans
Gentle and loving he rarely takes a stand.

When he’s slammed by his WooFPAK mates
That jump on him to slow his pace
Trying to be tricky as they lean and careen
So they can win the race.

For Zarro it’s just a craze he doesn’t fall into that maze
He just looks off in a daze to avoid their gaze.
He’s a puppy now but he will eventually outweigh
And he will blaze his way to the finish line,
Cause that’s the Z-Mans phase!
Yeah that’s the Z-Mans phase!
Yeah that’s the Z-Mans phase!

Chase, The Golden Eye WOOF (Acapella)

Golden eyes that make you sigh, a loping stride which defines that of the wolf kind, and white hair that sometimes resembles a bear. This is Chase with a look that has a taste of exotic and a stare that can be hypnotic. With his iconic look he can also book as be sports speeds that approach sonic indeed. He’s not bionic but his rhythmic moves are tonic and his personality is so comic. I guess you could says he’s got logic and yes he’s part of the WooFDriver Project! So if you see him strolling about no need to doubt if he’s a Wild Wolf because poof I just gave you the proof that he’s one of WooFDriver’s mild WOOFS.

LuLu’s Fame (Acapella)

Well here’s a tale about a little dame with a hairless body that’s her claim to WooFPAK fame, yeah that’s right and LuLu is her name! She is known all over the world as a Chinese Crested beautiful girl with a real exotic look, yes she’s smooth, smooth as pearls. She’s an honorary WooFPAK member and sometimes even part of their endeavors. You may think she can look sweet forever, but she actually has a lot of energy to lever! With a love to be silly, a love to be silly, she can chase her tail willy nilly, she can prance like a Filly!! Yeah that’s right and LuLu is her name!

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