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Your old music players are going to the dogs!

(No Really…)

Donate your used iPods, CD players, music docks, speakers, any device that will play music and we will tune them up and donate them to animal shelters nationwide. There they will play soothing Wooftunes to help keep anxious dogs calm and happy while they await a good home.

Rather than littering landfills, or just a desk drawer, put your unwanted —but still useful —music equipment to good use.

Please mail them to:


WoofTunes Music Player Program
c/o Petscape Pet Products
7100 Rutherford Road
Baltimore, MD 21244

Include your full name and email address. We will never give away or sell your information; this is just for our record keeping and in case we want to get in touch.

Soon we will post a page on listing where the equipment has gone. Also let us know if you wish to include your name on our honor roll Web page called “Gone to the Dogs.”


Any questions, please email us at: [email protected]