I am The WooFDriver a DOG LOVER, DOG Trainer, DOG Adventurer and proud parent of a WooFPAK (4 Huskies)!! I do all kinds of incredible outings and adventures with my PAK! You can learn all about my Dog-Powered Lifestyle on WooFDriver.com!

Fortunately I am able to spend a great deal of my time with my WooFPAK. They have inspired me in so many ways from their unconditional love, unshakable loyalty, endless energy, silly antics, and their overall ability to enjoy their time in the most simplistic of ways. My true appreciation for Dogs has culminated into a passion to share the excitement and discover how others are enjoying Dogs in their lives. This is the premise behind WooFTunes.

You see, after our Daily Dog Fun is done for the day and the pups are recharging their batteries, I enjoy reading, listening, watching, learning, and exploring more about fun stuff, all to do with Dogs!! I have gone so far as to write songs (from DOG Rock & Roll, DOG Dance, DOG Festive, & even DOG RAP), and even created a custom Guitar Line all in the shape of a Dogs. You will find this excitement inside of the DOG Music here. Also featured here are Dog Meditations from Guided to just instrumental. This too is such an important part of our regiment as the Rest & relaxation Dogs get are crucial for a healthy lifestyle. There is so much Dog related Music and audio here on WooFTunes that I believe this is the LARGEST Collection of Dog Songs ANYWHERE. This is a lifetime’s work of a true labor of my love for Dogs. This WooFTunes Website is designed for true Dog style entertainment, training, and information. Like a good book it will keep you interested for many hours and wanting more so please come back and visit often as I am growing the content all the time as I am constantly inspired and in awe of Dogs! In addition I have the welfare of ALL Dogs so close to my heart and have co-founded a new APP which raises money for Animal Shelters and Rescues called WooFTrax. Welcome to WooFTunes I am sure you will enjoy your time here on my website. Thanks so much for dropping by!!­ – Bill “WooFDriver” Helman


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