80/35 Music Festival Kicked Off Last Friday And There Was A Song Dedicated To Dead Dogs

A photo of a cute dog inside a car

The 80/35 Music Festival kicked off last Friday in Des Moines and there was a song dedicated to a dead dog.

– The 80/35 Music Festival took place last Friday.
– During the event, a local musician used the platform to talk about her dog.
– Her dog died after leaving the dog with a company that left the dog inside a…

The local musician, Lissie, a singer and song writer, shared about the death of her 11-month-old dog. According to the dog owner, her doggo died after she took it to a business somewhere in Sioux City, South Dakota. The dog died because it was left inside a hot car for 15 hours. The local singer then dedicated her song “Everywhere I Go” to her late doggo. 

Lissie said she did not want to use the music festival as her platform but the messages she placed under the social media pages of the business kept disappearing. After the performance of Lissie, it was revealed on Twitter that the business is Midwest Dog Training.


Accordingly, there were a lot of people who cried when Lissie took the stage.

Read the tear-jerking scoop of Daniel Gehr at – https://www.desmoinesregister.com/

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