The 4 Seasons With Your Dog




“Like The Rolling SNOW” (WOOFS Got The Wheels)

So many rides the WooFPAK will fly
He throws the pups a time that’s oh so Devine
Puppies call say dog take care your bout to haul
You know they have all ridden it

You used to howl so loud
About the sled dogs that mushed the route (route pronounced like shout)
Now you mush oh so proud, now you run all the rounds
Loving and running all around is the WooFPAK’s main deal!

WOOFS have the wheels, WOOFS have the wheels
Like their ancestors in Nome
That’s how the WooFPAK roams
Like the Rolling Snow


You’ve rode the finest bike all right yeah you’ve told me
And you know you always will get so juiced on it!
WooFDriver has forever taught you how to mush out on the street
And now you built calluses and you’ve gotten so used to it

He said you’d always love the ride
Even the midnight tours, their so Devine
He’s out training you for endless rides, as you stare in the happening of your finds, he says, hey WooFPAK kick in those wheels

WOOFS have the wheels, WOOFS have the wheels
To hit the speed zone
Like their ancestors in Nome, wild and free they roam
Like the Rolling Snow


They never turn around to see the towns
Or the ways of other hounds
When they pass them by and do sniffs of them
It’s always understood that it ain’t no good
They shouldn’t let other pups get any nips at them

Sometimes they mush the Hot Rod Track Quad it’s so fat
It carries a motor that runs a quick lap
It ain’t hard to mush when the WooFPAK discovered that motor’s so RAD!!
Laughter and looks from everyone they meet for real!!

WOOFS have the wheels, WOOFS have the wheels
To hit the speed zone

Like their ancestors in Nome, wild and free they roam
Like the roads of stone

Princess on the dogcart is what tamed this pretty tart
Mushing gets them drinkin’, thinkin’ they got it made
Racing all kinds of wildlife, other rides,and gigs
But you so could bet your diamond ring they’d never trade this babe

They are always so amused

At the howling winds and the ruff weather that can intrude
Roll to live, they howl to him he can’t refuse
When they get going it’s so awesome to cruise!

They feel invincible now with so much power to deal

WOOFS have the wheels, WOOFS have the wheels
To hit the speed zone
Like their ancestors in Nome, wild and free they roam
Like the Rolling Snow

“The Fall Season Is Another Reason For Dog Pleasing”

With the Fall season comes more reasons to keep pleasing your dog and leading him along. So listen to this song and rift as you will hear about what can be this very colorful bliss. The Fall Beauty can lift you all to revel in this season changing call when natures rearranging its look and getting ready to book some cold as winter takes its hold!!

The. Winds can start howling to provide that scary sounding vibe close to Halloween time!! Of course as the wind blows so goes the dogs nose up in the air as they sniff and stare the smells that are whisked around and bring them alluring scents and sounds all over town!!

Your pup will so care about this movement of air because it helps them fare as it blows on their hair and cools them like a fan whirling around above the ground!!

The dogs can sense and hear that cold is getting ready to steer as winter is so near!! Most hounds will love this time of year it is so very dear when cold is getting in gear!!

An outdoor campfire can be a treat to warm your feet and get you and your dog to take a seat around the heat after a fun day of play in the falling leaves and autumn scenes!!

So enjoy the show from the leaves on the trees as they glow with fall colors and awaken your hound with the colder rounds and blowing sounds!! Take a walk under a harvest moon and let it keep you in tune to enjoy the season with your dog and let it keep pleasing you all!! Let autumn be one of the many reasons to keep you seeing the beauty and being a lover of mother natures wonders!!

“How To Ride Summertime With The Dogs In Mind”

Summer breeze is our please!! But remember most hounds need a lot of cooling down!! So summertime is the side we should try to do other kinds of dog related activity rides!! A lighter exercise load is the road that should be drove and the mode we need to bestow on our hounds to manage their heat on these exercise rounds!!

This is a great time of year to relax and exhale, as you set sail on hikes, walks, and light exercise jaunts near shaded trails and your dog can calmly wag his tail!! Light early cool morning energy engagement is a good time for the dogs exercise arrangement!!

You can smell the flowers as you and your dog roam through some summer time showers!! This can help their heat and maybe give you guys a peek of a rainbow treat!! Though remember its a must to just avoid the gust of high winds, lightening and tree falling limbs, at all times keep safety in the forefront of your mind!!

Another treat for your dogs to reap is a cooling leap into a stream or babbling creek!! You and your hound can also enjoy a cooler time as you walk on the evening side with a moonlight stride, this is another summertime find!!

Don’t forget dogs love to jump, (romp), and stomp, all through the tall grasses that can be found around on the summer time grounds!! This tall grass is like a playground to the hounds and it will get’em to leave the ground to make their way around. A great exercise play and super fun way for them to really get down like a true hound!!

So summer is a great time with some caution in mind to play and ride with your dogs at your side, remember to always keep your dogs cool, watch’em drool, obey the park rules, and you and your dog will be pleasantly fulfilled!!

“Cold Air & How Our Hounds Can Help Us Fare”

Come winter and the frozen ground is like a magnet for some hounds!! They love the cold air, it powers them up so they can really excel and ring their bell as they will howl and yell!!

It’s a ruff time of year for some of us humans as the trees are bare and a lot of the wild animals hibernate in the cold air!! But If you have a best friend that happens to covered in hair they can show you how to fare and make the most of this winter stare!!

Dogs need to get outside even in the coldest of times so for us it creates a must do which is actually sometimes just the gust we need to get us out and brave the elements indeed!! The crisp cold air can awaken a humans long winter stare and maybe ignite a spark to help us get a start to find a place for this time of year in our heart!!

With the winter and cold solace comes the promise of warmer times which can comfort our colder side though sometimes be a boring ride!!

But instead of wishing time to fly let’s try to enjoy every moment before it goes by!! A dog because of their needs will push us to spend sometime in the colder side!! But as WooFDriver says appreciation is then key to enjoy life and some of the dreams may than ignite!! If we learn to deal with some less comfortable means we will savor the other scenes with more passion and therefore relegate and enjoy time in a more defined and acquired fashion!!

With the cold we can hold the promise of warmth even if it is in the fire that’s indoors!! This can be the view to be that helps us get through some of the less attractive scenes but still stay in hot pursuit of all our dreams!!

This Official WooFTunes Video Performance by the WooFPlay Band and features Rebecca Owen on lead vocals and Alan Harper on Harmonica. This song is about how your dogs motivate their owners to get outside, especially in the Cold Air of the winter months. There is nothing better to lift your winter doldrums than spending time with your dogs. It is wonderful to see their happiness and it can’t help but make you happy too!

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